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SoFlow Locks

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie

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Cute and classic, this cherry scrunchie with red satin is sweet as can be.


100% Organic Cotton lined with Satin


Ships from Florida, United States


This cap fits most and accomadates long braids.

Care Instructions

Wash in cool water and line dry

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Customer Reviews

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Cherry pie makes me feel like putting my hair in a ponytail and wearing red lipstick with some cat eyes. I use these too!! My mommy and me pattern.

My hair is different than my daughter’s I have tighter curls and I’m amazed.

The best and the cutest hair ties. I love this product, I use it on my daughters hair almost every day, in this pattern and others and I love how it stays put and doesn’t break her hair. Her hair curly locks are a blend of Dominican and Italian hair. So it can become a quick tangled mess. As tangled as her hair can get, I have yet to see it fall out of her hair or leave a hair on it. I’ve even noticed she has less breakage when I wash it. So great I love it!!! More shades please!!! Throwing away all others.